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In this section of the guide of Bali you will find a listing of the best beaches of Bali, ideal so that you can plan your excursions and decide which beaches you are going to visit during your trip. Would you like to taste a plate of freshly caught seafood by the sea, or to have the opportunity to submerge in reefs full of tropical fish? This is only a small brushstroke of everything that awaits you if you visit the coast of Bali.


Looking for beaches of soft sand, exotic landscapes and turquoise water? Do not hesitate to visit the beaches of Bali, an island where each beach has its own personal charm, with different activities and different types of food.

If you consider yourself a beach lover, in this remote region you will be able to discover some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes of Indonesia. In Bali there are all type of options, from a vacation in horizontal position: with two books of company and the sound of the waves of fonto? Until a vacations full of music and frenetic dance at the foot of the moon.

Being an island, Bali is surrounded by sea, and as a consequence of it, there are thousands of beaches and hidden coves everywhere.

Next, we facilitate you a list of the best beaches of Bali so that you can choose which ones you want to visit. Anyway, if you have time, we recommend you to visit as many as you can, since each one of them possesses its particular enchantment. At the end of the page you will find an interactive map with all the beaches named in this article.

bali jimbaran


Jimbaran beach is located south of the airport, in the direction Denpasar – Nusa Dua. This calm and luxurious coast has become very popular for windsurfers, bodysurfers and sailboaters, and the whole bay is protected by a coral reef that softens the force of the waves. If you feel like catching more difficult currents, you will have to go to the surf breaks located at the airport. Jimbaran has an extension of 4 kilometers of sand and is known by its clean and calm waters and its famous plates of fresh seafood. This beach has a lot of very sophisticated restaurants and hotels (You can see the hotels here). Can you imagine dining on freshly grilled marinated fish on coconut shells in front of the sea at sunset?


Kuta beach is located in the south of the island, on the Butik peninsula. Kuta is also known as the beach of the party. The beach of Kuta has kilometers and kilometers of sand where the symmetrical waves of the Indian Ocean disappear. You will see that in this coastal area you have the option of renting sun loungers, umbrellas and even surfboards. On the other hand, if you get hungry, there will always be discreet vendors ready to offer you a snack at a very economical price. Here you will find a frenetic pace of life both day and night, as it is a popular place for partying, shopping and water sports. For who wants to spend a day pampering its body in a beach in Bali, Kuta is the ideal place, since it has multitude of spa centers.

Legian beach


Legian is a well-known neighboring beach of Kuta, and much calmer. Among other things, the quietness of Legian is due to the fact that it lacks the noisy road next to the shore. It is a small coast surrounded by shady trees that invite peace and relaxation. As there are fewer tourists than in other beaches, Legian exudes calm from every pore. Here you will be able to find very good facilities and several companies that offer the practice of any aquatic sport. If you want to feel like an authentic Balinese, at 18.00 h sit down in the sand to observe the sunset while you take a cold beer.

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