Visiting the volcanoes of Bali: Volcanoes guide

Visiting the volcanoes of Bali: Volcanoes guide

Do you want to go and see the best volcanoes on the island of Bali? In this website we are going to explain you the best excursions in Bali so you can go to know all the volcanoes of the island. To go to discover the volcanoes of Bali is going to be a unique experience in which you are going to enjoy both the nature and the magic of the country.

The volcanoes of Bali

Visit Batur Bali volcano

Batur Volcano

If you want to visit the most famous volcano in Bali that still remains active you have to go visit Batur volcano. This volcano in Bali is the highest of all the island and its last eruption was in 1963-1964. Its crater is very big and very deep and from its summit you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the island of Bali and if you are lucky you will be able to see the island Lombok and to contemplate its highest mountain the Rinjani

As this volcano of Bali is still active from time to time and if you are lucky you will be able to see how it gives off smoke and ashes from its crater. Really go hiking to this volcano in Bali is a unique experience, both by nature and villages that you will find along the way as the famous Lake Batur which we will admire from Kintamani

This is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Bali, which is why numerous local companies will allow you to go hiking to the volcano both up hiking amid rocky paths and lush wildlife or go to contemplate it from below with the best views.

It is one of the most recommended excursions to do if you go on a trip to Bali. More or less all the companies that program those tours to the Batur volcano have the same precise and the same conditions

Visiting Bali volcanoes

Bratan volcano

Lesser known, but no less impressive is the volcano of Bali Bratan with its beautiful lake is a dormant volcano in which also lies a beautiful temple in the middle of its lake. This volcano is located the center of the country makes about 1000 meters of elevation, when not being as high as the Batur the temperature is much more pleasant. There exists hotel infrastructure and restaurants very near the lake where they offer to the travelers the possibility of making trekking, aquatic sports, excursions… near the volcano of Bali.

It is really a very beautiful volcano in Bali

It is really a unique place in the world and as this volcano of Bali is formed by three lakes also you will be able to go to know from here the Buyan lake i the Tamblingan.