what is the best time to travel to Bali?

When is the best time to travel to Bali?

This island located in Indonesia is one of the favorite destinations for travelers visiting Southeast Asia. It is associated with good weather, warmth and fine sandy beaches. However, Bali has much more. The different festivities, the countless temples and its mountains make the island a unique place. Do you want to know what is the best time to travel to Bali?

Best time to travel to Bali

The tropical monsoon climate that characterizes the island allows it to have a climate that could be considered warm. In general terms it can be said that it enjoys an eternal summer, since the average temperature is in the 30 degrees with the exception of the mountain area where these are a little lower.

The monsoon tropical climate that characterizes the island allows it to have a climate that could be considered warm

The daylight hours do not vary throughout the year. The sun rises around six in the morning and sets at six in the evening. Without a doubt, it could be said that it is a paradise all year round, but with one small exception. The rains divide the year into two very definite seasons, the wet season and the dry season

Wet season or monsoon

It lasts fromlate October to April and is the rainy season. This leads to a higher degree of humidity, resulting in permanent sweating. The island’s monsoon is quite mild, so there is no excessive torrential rain.

The monsoon on the island is quite mild, so there is no excessive heavy rainfall

Unlike other countries with this climate, the monsoon season on the island is not as intense. This circumstance makes it possible to enjoy a getaway to the island at this time

Dry season

It runs from April to early October and the rains virtually disappear. As the water disappears, the humidity drops considerably resulting in a somewhat drier climate. During the night the temperatures cool down a little, you will notice it more in the mountain areas

This time of year helps to avoid the rains and ensure a very pleasant climate, without the discomfort caused by the humidit

The best time to travel

Let’s delve into the answer to the big question: what is the best date. The simplest answer is that it depends. Surely you’ve been left with the same doubts, so let’s solve them. It depends on the factor you choose to plan your trip:

Choosing the best time to travel depends on your objective, although the months of April and September are the most balanced, prices go down and good weather is practically guaranteed.

Traveling to Bali in rainy season

If you have decided to travel to Bali during the rainy season we give you some tips to make everything easier. The first thing to keep in mind is that it will be hot and humid. Therefore, choose light and breathable clothes. It will help you fight the heat and in case of a downpour it will dry quickly

Even if there is some cloud in the sky it is necessary to use sun protection. In this area it is much more aggressive. Although you do not see it can give you more than one displeasure in the form of burning. It is also important that you take a raincoat to protect you if it starts to rain.

Remember to wear a raincoat if it starts to rain

Remember that the sewage system on the island is not too abundant or good, so in many occasions there is stagnation of water, try to avoid them.

If you choose this time of year to travel avoid, as far as possible, the months of December and January. Not only because of the weather, but also because it is the time of the surfers on the island and prices go up excessively.

Traveling to Bali in the dry season

During this season the good weather is assured but so are the tourists. It’s a good idea to take a hat and a few pots of sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Also remember to pack some warm clothes for the evenings, as temperatures can drop by as much as ten degrees and it shows.

Bet your hat and a few bottles of sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun

Bet on breathable clothing and light colors, since they will help you cope with the heat. The humidity is lower, so you won’t sweat as much and, of course, you won’t need a raincoat

Additional tips for traveling to Bali

Now that you’ve probably already chosen your favorite time to travel to Bali we provide you with some recommendations to make your trip a round trip:


Don’t forget that your passport must be valid for more than six months. If you are going to stay less than thirty days you will not need anything else.

Medical insurance

Bear in mind the need to have medical insurance, nothing needs to happen but it is not superfluous. Unforeseen events do not warn you!

If you are going to stay for less than thirty days, you will not need anything else.


Book flights early. Five to seven months before you travel is the best time to do so.


You will have many options to choose from, think about what you are looking for and what best suits your budget.


Remember to always drink bottled water. Undoubtedly, a smart measure to take care of your health. Although it is not dangerous, your body is not used to it and it may cause you some stomach pain

Mosquito repellent

Always count on it, it is a tropical country and they are quite common. The best thing you can do is to buy it in the country itself, because they are more effective.


In case you were wondering, it is safe to travel to Bali and to travel with peace of mind we leave you an article where we give you some recommendations to enjoy your trip without worries.

An island to fall in love with

Bali is a magical place that has a special charm. You can visit the island all year round, but choose the best time to travel to Bali according to your preferences. The priority is that you have fun and that you enjoy the natural enchantment of its landscapes and beaches. Have you taken good note? Remember to travel with a good travel insurance, in Mondo we will help you to find it