What to do in Bali: 18+ activities, tours, adventure

What to do in Bali: 18+ activities, tours, adventure

Activities what to do in Bali

The following is a list of the most popular activities among tourists. At the bottom of the page, you will find other ideas and suggestions for things to do

Take a guided tour or excursion

Do you want to do a fun activity in Bali and at the same time get to know the island better? We recommend you to do some organized tour or excursion.

We recommend you to do some organized tour or excursion

There are many companies on the island that offer this activity. You can hire an excursion or even a local driver to take you to the points of interest you want to visit

Bali Rice Paddies Tour What to do?

Tour arrozales in Ubud, temples and volcano

During the 9-hour guided (English) tour of Bali you can do such interesting activities as going deep into the rainforest, observing some of the most important rice fields and temples of the island and visiting Kintamani, an active volcano.

Things to do in Bali

Bali Instagram tour: the most picturesque places

This tour will make you discover the most picturesque and photogenic places in Bali, where you will take pictures and experience the beauty of the island. Delve into Balinese nature and culture while exploring monuments and natural wonders.

What to do? Excursion to Mount Batur

Excursion hike and sunrise Batur volcano

According to a Hindu belief, Bali’s Mount Batur is a sacred place. The active volcano is in the center of concentric craters on Mount Agung and is 1,717 m high. Climb to the top of the volcano to appreciate the breathtaking sunrise. English speaking guide.

Bali bike tour

Car or minibus rental with chauffeur

Rent a vehicle with a driver for flexibility and comfort. Explore the island of Bali at your own pace and visit what interests you most. Price per group of up to 5 people.

Best Bali activities

Ubud: waterfall, terraces and Monkey Forest

Discover the tradition and art of Bali on a private tour of Ubud. Experience its spiritual heritage at the Batuan Temple. Explore the Monkey Forest and enjoy dining in a verdant landscape near the rice terraces of Tegalalang and much more.

Customized tour in Bali

Excursion privateTour of Bali

With this full-day excursion you will enjoy a driver (in English) who will take you by car and show you the most interesting sights of the island. The route will be 10 hours and can go up to 4 travelers in the vehicle.

Snorkeling and scuba diving in Bali

Bali is an ideal place to do activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, as it has a huge marine life and coral reefs, as well as warm waters all year round. It will be very easy to find diving companies that are dedicated to train and organize dives all over the island. However, always ask for the certificate from any company you go to, at least the guide must have the rescue diver qualification.

The rescue diver must have a rescue diver certificate

The best areas in Bali for scuba diving and snorkeling are Pulau Menjangan, Gili Trawangan and Nusa Lembongan. Don’t miss the opportunity to see live thousands of parrotfish, sunfish and even whales!

World’s Best Scuba Diving Areas and snorkeling

Diving activity in Bali

Activity of snorkeling 1 day Nusa Lembongan

Discover an island paradise south of Bali’s coast and snorkel at 3 different spots around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida in the Indian Ocean. Marvel at the great variety of tropical fish and live coral flora and fauna. *Guideline price

Bali snorkeling activities

Nusa Penida swimming with manta rays, from Bali

Swim with the manta rays of Nusa Penida on a spectacular snorkeling tour from Bali. Stop at the famous Manta Bay, discover the natural beauty of Crystal Bay and visit a mangrove swamp for the perfect Indian Ocean adventure. *Guideline price

Adventure sports: rafting in Bali

If you want to practice a sport in Bali that carries a point of adventure and fun, do not hesitate to rafting. The island has different rivers where you can do this activity, the most popular are Ayung and Telagawaja, which, by the way, also hide a beautiful natural landscape. This is a good activity to do in Bali if you like adventure and natural environment. In Bali it will be very easy to find agencies that are dedicated to organize this type of excursions, in addition they facilitate all the necessary equipment, the displacements, the sanitary coverage, the cleanliness and the food. Prices are usually between 30 and 40 euros.

Adventure activities in Bali: Rafting

Ayung River Rafting Excursion

Enjoy Bali’s breathtaking scenery on this rafting adventure on the Ayung River. Feel the thrill of whitewater rapids and savor a Balinese-style lunch (included).

Bali's most popular activities

Telaga Waja: Rafting with Lunch

Experience the beautiful scenery of the Telaga Waja River from a different perspective on a whitewater rafting adventure, then enjoy an Indonesian buffet lunch.

Bali's most fun activities

Buggy Explorer and Canyon Tubing Adventure

Take an adventure through the rural areas of Bali and drive your own 4×4 buggy. Enjoy a delicious hot buffet lunch and continue your adventure floating down a hidden canyon in an inflatable tube in the Balinese rainforest *Guideline price

Trekking and biking routes in Bali

If you are sporty and you feel like hiking or cycling around Bali, you will not have any problem, since they are two very demanded activities in this exotic place. If you feel like doing a jungle tour or climbing a volcano, you have to know beforehand that you need some preparation, since walking for a long time in the high temperatures of Bali can be hard if you are not used to walking.

If you are not used to walking, you will need to be prepared

There are countless Balinese companies that organize this type of activities, plus they take care of everything: they usually accompany you with a local guide and provide food

What to do in Bali, activities

Ubud: rice terraces bike tour + lunch

Spectacular views of Bali’s mountains and forests with minimal effort on an exciting downhill bike ride. Cycle the slopes of the Kintamani volcano and stop at the famous rice terraces and handicraft villages of.. *Guideline price

Routes to discover Bali

Mount Batur sunrise hike and hot springs

Morning hike to Bali’s most iconic mountain, Mount Batur. Admire the breathtaking views from the active volcano near the village of Kintamani and learn more about the region alongside a private guide. *Guideline price

Trekking in Bali, biking routes

Tegallalang rice terraces electric bike

Go from Ubud to the rice terraces of Tegallalang by electric bike and marvel at the fascinating scenery and breathtaking views. Visit historic temples and stop at a coffee plantation to sample the local coffee. *Guideline price

Activities with elephants

Elephant riding is an increasingly less popular and more criticized activity, due to the fact that many of these animals have been enslaved and mistreated just for pure human benefit. For that reason, if you feel like doing this activity, we recommend visiting Elephant Safari Park located one hour north of Ubud. This center accommodates and cares for elephants that have been retired from the cruel work of transporting logs. Here you can take a ride on the back of this beautiful mammal through different plantations of mango, coffee, watermelon, bamboo and coconut, as well as see all kinds of jungle species, such as monkeys and parrots. Elephant Safari Park is also a hotel that will allow you to stay and sleep for a few days in close proximity to the animals.

Activities with elephants

Bali: breakfast and bath with elephants

Join the elephants on their morning swim on this unforgettable adventure tour with elephants, safari and breakfast with spectacular views.

Elephants in Bali

Jumbo elephant wash

This interactive experience is a unique opportunity to wash and scrub Sumatran elephants. Enjoy the up-close connection with one of these creatures in a tropical setting. Enjoy a buffet lunch watching the elephants in their lake. *Guideline price

Bali elephant safari

Electronic ticket Elephant Safari Park

Meet the world’s largest captive herd of Sumatran elephants in captivity with an e-ticket to Bali’s Elephant Safari Park. Get up close to these gentle giants in an incredible location north of Ubud. *Guideline price

Bali Activities

Bali Zoo: elephant care experience

Spend a day learning about and observing rescued Sumatran elephants. Follow in the elephants’ footsteps and enjoy their day, which includes eating native fruit, bathing and playing in the mud. *Guideline price

Practicing surfing in Bali

The island of Bali is known for many reasons, and one of them is surfing. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this secluded spot to do what they love most: go in search of the big wave. In fact, the breakers in the area of Ulu Watu are ranked among the best in the world. The preferred areas for surfers during the dry season are in the south and northwest coast of Nusa Lembongan. On the other hand, during the wet season we recommend you take your board to the eastern coast. If you are a beginner of this activity we recommend the two best Balinese surf schools: Rip Curl School of Surf and Pro Surf School.

What to do in Bali? Surf

Canggu: 2-hour surf lesson

Learn to surf on Canggu’s beautiful black sand beach. Get personal instruction from an experienced surf instructor. Learn faster and ride more waves with this two-hour lesson. *Guideline price

Surfing in Bali

Bali: 2-hour surf lesson

Learn to surf or improve your techniques in a 2-hour lesson in Bali. Start your surfing journey with a beginner lesson, or discover how to duck dive, how to pick good waves and how to do maneuvers if you’re a bit more advanced. *Pricing orientative

Pamper yourself in Bali: spa centers

The island of Bali exudes spirituality from every pore. And what better place than here to treat yourself to a Balinese massage, relax in a spa or do yoga? If you feel like pampering yourself and eliminating toxins from your body and soul, we recommend you to do the activity that most appeals to you at the Sundari Day Spa, Taksu Spa and Bali Botanica Day Spa centers.

Relaxing activities

Ubud: 2h spa treatment in Riverside

Take a break and enjoy a 2-hour spa treatment on the waterside of a luxury resort in Ubud. Enjoy a foot bath ritual, 1 hour body massage, after a body scrub and milk bath to revive your senses. *Guideline price

Being part of a Balinese ceremony

On the island of Bali, a large number of religious festivities and celebrations are held. If you feel like seeing some of these incredible activities, we recommend traveling during the commemoration of Nyepi, the day when the Balinese decide to be totally inactive to convince evil spirits that the island has been left uninhabited. Another very important festivity is Galungan, which represents the period when the gods decide to come down to Earth. During 10 days the children make processions through all the villages paying homage to their deities. Finally, if you want to do a purification of the soul in the Indian waters along with the locals, you will have to go during the Kuningan festival, which is when the inhabitants of Bali give thanks to their gods and say goodbye to them.

The Gods of Bali are also the Gods of Bali and the Gods of Bali

There are also other ways to live Balinese spirituality: doing a yoga retreat, spiritual cleansing…

Bali spiritual activities

Spiritual cleansing and shamanic healing tour

Meet Bali’s famous healer, Cokorda Rai of Puri Negari Ubud. Take your time on this private tour and cleanse your spirit at the Sacred Spring temple in Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring. Experience yajña, yara and mantra healing techniques. *Guideline price

Doing yoga in Bali

Surya Balinese yoga and meditation retreat 3 days

Experience one of the world’s oldest spiritual ashrams that were created thousands of years ago in the Himalayas. Gain access to learning traditional Balinese meditation on this 3-day retreat in a tranquil traditional village in the.. *Guideline price

Take getaways to the temples in Bali

In Bali there are plenty of activities to do related to nature and its history, such as taking a day trip to Pura Luhur Batukaru, one of the most revered Balinese temples and located on Gunung Batukau, the second highest mountain on the island. Here you will be able to enjoy the extensive rice fields of Jatiluwih and a spiritual atmosphere in the middle of the lush forest. We also recommend the 4-kilometer walk from Batubelig to Elcho beach, where you can enjoy a variety of activities: surfing, having a coffee on the shore, visiting a pagoda-style temple or simply watching the magnificent sunsets from the sand.

Taste and get to know the local gastronomy

If we had to define Balinese cuisine in one word, its perfect adjective would be intensity. Its dishes are based mainly on fresh ginger, raw chilies, tamarind, palm sugar and shrimp paste. This mix of multicultural flavors has made the food of Bali a great attraction for the palates of tourists. We advise you to make a stop in the night market of the center of Gianyar, to 20 minutes in car from Ubud. This market is said to have the best delicacies on the island. We also recommend giving your appetite a chance to sample authentic traditional Balinese cuisine. In the Kerobokan area you will find the Warung Sulawesi restaurant, where you can try a fresh plate of Balinese food in the warung style. Here you will find a list of recommended restaurants in Bali.

Gastronomic activities

Ubud: Balinese cooking class at organic farm

Discover the culinary secrets of Bali with a cooking class at an organic farm in the lush surroundings of Ubud. Visit a local market and enjoy daily life before preparing a standard or vegetarian meal with the help of a chef. *Guideline price

Know the local gastronomy

Authentic cooking class in a local village

Learn the secrets of Balinese food in a half-day cooking class in a traditional village. Visit a local market to select fresh ingredients, enjoy panoramic views of a rice plantation and get help with.. *Guideline price

Go shopping

Bali is full of shops of all kinds, from the most sophisticated brand-name boutiques to small flea markets and antique shops. That yes, you must keep in mind that many art markets in Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta and Legian possess low quality products that pretend to be original crafts of Bali. You must know that in the island the tradition of bargaining is present, almost all prices are flexible except the international firms. Some of the most well-known and respected stores are Biasa, Hobo and Drifter.

Premium activities

Seminyak: brunch, shopping and travel at Potato Head Beach Club

Join a day tour to explore the best things to do in Seminyak. Go shopping, brunch at Sisterfields and visit the most iconic spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail at Potato Head Beach Club. *Guideline price

Partying around Bali

Would you like to witness the incredible dance shows in Ubud, and be infected by the emotions they transmit? Or maybe you prefer to listen to live music at the Jazz Café or the Mantra and have a cocktail with oysters at the Potato Head and the Red Carpet Champagne Bar? The best area to enjoy the nocturnal leisure of Bali is that of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

In Seminyak you will be able to find an area of bars and clubs of gay atmosphere, concretely in JI Camplung Tanduk. In short, the island of the gods allows you to do what every partying soul dreams of: start the party on the beach and follow a traditional route through different clubs to end the night at the same starting point, at the foot of the sand to watch the sunrise.

Living the art of Bali

In the past, the Balinese painted and carved with the aim of adorning their temples and shrines, as well as ornamenting their typical and spectacular ceremonies. The origins of their craftsmanship are found in the worship of the rice goddess Dewi Sri and fertility. It is no secret that Bali is a place that possesses an immense cultural and artistic richness, it is for that reason that, if you feel like taking a tour of the island’s most impressive museums, we recommend going to see the Le Mayeur Museum, the Kendra Gallery, the Puri Lukisan Museum, the Pasifika Museum and the private Agung Rai Art Museum.

Museum of Private Art Agung Rai