which is the best of the Gili islands? ✔️ Routes

Idyllic beaches, dreamy sunsets and relaxed island life make everyone who visits them fall in love. They become the icing on the cake of a great trip to Indonesia.

Although in recent years tourism has grown enormously in this archipelago, there is still a hippie and different air in the Gilis. The fact that they are islands where no cars circulate and the only way to get around is walking, cycling or horse-drawn carriage, makes the Gilis an island of total relaxation.

There is no Gili island that is better than another because each of them can be ideal for a certain type of traveler. Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to choose which of the Gilis to end your trip on, and that’s why we’ve put together this mini-guide to help you get your bearings. Anyway, we’re around, and once you tell us what kind of trip you’re looking for, we’ll explain and recommend the perfect island for you.

map bali, lambok and gili islands

How to choose the best Gili island for your trip?

There are Gilis for a while, but the well-known ones are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, and that’s where we are going to start. These three Gilis have a lot of things in common; in all three you can enjoy a boat route that takes you from island to island, in all three you will find dive centers to dive in the seabed of coral, turtles and colorful fish, and in all three Gilis you can see beautiful sunsets.


It stands out for:

  • Being the most touristically developed of all the Gilis.
  • Having a lot of variety and availability in terms of accommodations.
  • Being a destination where you can enjoy all kinds of gastronomy and for all budgets.
  • Being the favorite island for those looking for fun and socializing because it has a lot of nightlife.

gili trawangan


It stands out for:

  • Being the quietest of all the Gilis
  • Having the best strips of white sand of the three.
  • Being the perfect island for a romantic getaway.
  • Becoming a place where the atmosphere is one of total relaxation.

snorkeling in gili meno


It stands out for:

  • Being an in-between. Calmer than Gili Trawangan and less relaxed than Gili Meno
  • There are bars and restaurants where you can watch sunsets and spend nice evenings
  • Having a more hippy vibe than Gili Trawangan
  • Offering the opportunity to get in closer contact with local people

Below, we leave you a summary of the less famous but no less attractive Gilis.

The islands southeast of greater Lombok, have a special local charm that is also reflected in the design of their accommodations. Here we propose three other places that are perfect to end a honeymoon in Indonesia.

They are lesser-known islands than those mentioned above, and what we like most about these islands is that they provide a great opportunity to get to know those Secret Gilis full of charm. Boat rides with stops at magical islands, local culture and scandalous sunsets, is what awaits you if you choose to venture into these Secret Gilis.


One of the secret paradises of southern Lombok Island:

  • Away from the more touristy destinations and less developed
  • Paradise for leisure and relaxation lovers
  • Perfect opportunity to get in touch with local people in Orong Buka village
  • Perfect base of operations for a morning of touring the surrounding islands


Another undiscovered gem.

  • Beautiful beaches to disconnect
  • Local culture and contact with its people
  • Perfect for those looking for a more authentic destination
  • Lots of activities to do; don’t miss the island tour or a few hours on the island of Gili Goleng.

gili asahan


An exclusive resort in an idyllic location.

  • The location of the resort on a long stretch of white sand and blue sea
  • The design of the entire resort with Indonesian inspiration
  • Its surroundings full of wild nature
  • The gastronomic offer with a varied menu selection.


What to take with you on the Gili Islands?

Finally, here are some packing recommendations for traveling to the Gili Islands:

  • Skiffies to enjoy the sea, especially when the tide is low, and also come in handy for walking.
  • The waterproof bag is very useful for snorkeling excursions and any boat trips.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with hats, and sunscreen. When snorkeling, don’t forget to protect your back with a lycra shirt.
  • If you get seasick, buy a pill or syrup for speedboat rides

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